One of the best ways to optimise your web store is to look at the key landing pages

One of the best ways to optimise your web store is to look at the key landing pages, namely the category and product pages. However, in Google Analytics all the pages get mixed up together.

To separate these use ‘content groups’ for product and category pages.

Once they are separate, you can look at product pages or category pages as a whole.

With this view you can now see which product pages are getting the most traffic and which ones are not performing well.

Then you can hone in on that product page and highlight it for some split testing.

You might try a different image or product copy to see how that affects the engagement or conversion rate.

What’s important here is the drilling down to what matters. Using content groups is like using a map to highlight obstacles.

Often, we see categories at the top of the list that have low engagement, visit the category and see ‘out of stock products’ at the top.

It’s not always hard stuff to fix, sometimes its bloody obvious.

But only when you know where to look.

Growing your ecommerce site is first about working out which lever to pull.

Find the lever with the biggest potential and pull that first.

Don’t obsess with the wrong lever.

Thanks again!

Mark (Chief Lever Puller) Hammersley


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