Deep Dive Program

The first three months of the Deep Dive are working directly with Ian and Mark (in person or online).

Find out more with the Deep Dive format below.

Deep Dive Phase 1

We kick off the interview with a 2-hour call with Ian, going through the current business model. We delve into the current bottlenecks for the business, current profitability, revenue and discuss goals for the next three years.

Mark and our team digest the interview call and get access to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and any relevant tools needed.  We then dive into the business to work on creating a complete step by step plan to get the business to your targets. We also cover:

Target Sheet

We look at the past KPI’s, Add To Cart, Cart to Order, Traffic, AOV and LTCV to see where the low hanging fruit is in the business.

Margin Calculator

Running the numbers to see how much we can afford to buy a new customer for based on Lifetime Customer Value cohort analysis

Anxiety Analysis

Looking at the market to understand what key pain points customers experience when buying these products.

Buyer Type Analysis

Benchmarking the time on site and page views to understand the buyer type and model of e-commerce site we need.

Market Square Test

Secret shopper analysis of the store against key competitors


Review of engagement rates across product, category and home pages.

Optimisation Recommendations

Product page analysis, checklist and recommended optimisations.

AOV Analysis

Which includes frequently bought together data dive, value tree recommendations and upsell path.

The Three R's

Offer architecture review and recommendations looking at the three R’s, recruitment, retention and reactivation.

Digital Sale Funnels

Review of Facebook, Google Ads campaigns, recommendations of creatives, structures and funnels.

Blueprint Creation

Welcome series analysis and email flow blueprint creation.

Competitor Research

Researching the top three - five competitors in the market, to understand their funnel, what’s worth mirroring and what not to copy.

Site Abandonment Analysis

What emails do we get based on three different scenarios.


Conversion Rate, Page Load Time, Device Type Revenue %, % SEO Revenue, % Paid Revenue, % Email Revenue, % Direct Revenue, Cart Quantity, Time To Buy

Delivery of Findings

150 - 200 page document. 1 hour overview video. 2 - 4 hour one-on-one call with Ian. 1 - 1.5 hour one-on-one call with Mark. 2 hour roadmap call with Ian creating a roadmap on what to focus on first in order to hit the revenue and profit targets.

Ecommerce Businesses that have been through our Deep Dive program include:

Deep Dive Phase 2

Once you’ve gone through the one-on-one Deep Dive, you will be invited to the Deep Dive implementation program. This includes:

Weekly Zoom Call with other Deep Dive participants

This alternates every two weeks with the following.

Week 1 Call

Question and Answer call where you can bring anything to the table, your offer architecture, customer recruit, questions about anything. This is hosted Thursday at 8 am (UK time - GMT+1).

Week 2 Call

Week 2 - Focused workshop on a topic to dive into. Sessions such as ‘getting the 2nd sale’, ‘Lifetime Customer Value’ and others mentioned above. This is hosted Thursday at 8 am (UK time - GMT+1).

What Else Should I Expect?

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