Moving to the next level

Moving to the next level

If you have a shop that’s doing 6 or 7 figures a year​

Then you probably found a couple of things that worked and that’s great​

But what got you to 7 figures is not going to get you to 8 figures​

Some sites can almost stumble to 7 figures through random hard work​

However, the same randomness isn’t going to cut it.​

We have seen it time and time again.​

But​​ it is straightforward to grow from 7 to 8 figures​

Straight forward but not easy​

To move from 7 to 8 figures you need to do 4 things​

1. KPI SYSTEM – Have a systematic way of raising the AOV and conversion rate so that you can open up more paid traffic sources.

2. LIFETIME VALUE SYSTEM – Have SEPARATED consistent and predictable sales funnels for both new and existing customers to improve recruitment and lifetime value

3. REPUTATION SYSTEM – Systemise product reviews through third party sites and social media to leverage community power to scale the business

4. FOUNDATION SYSTEM – Take technology architecture to the next level as big sales days, sudden email spikes and ‘big days’ will see much greater fluctuations in traffic – slow site = lost sales

To do these four things you need a big plan and you need to stop doing everything yourself.

You are the talent ​

You are wasted doing customer support, AdWords​

Time to get out of the trenches ​

You need to be focused on the big stuff – the numbers – the scalability and the strategic.​

You cannot do that if you are worrying about one customers late order or one poor review​

So, look up and move forward.​

Perhaps you know what you should be doing?​

Maybe you are just a little scared​

It’s easy to keep doing what we know​

But what if the time is now​

And it’s only a small window

Time to raise your game? Watch my case study video

Thanks again!

Mark (The System) Hammersley


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