The Ecommerce Thank You Campaign

People like to feel appreciated, this is clear.

With ecommerce we tend to thank people after they buy on the order success page and in the order confirmation email.

However, given that everyone does this customers don’t see it as they expect it.

To convey our gratitude for their order we must go one step further and set a remarketing thankyou campaign.


Two reasons

One, we want people to have a good experience and buy from us again and if we communicate our genuine thanks for them being a customer they will notice

Two, if we do it in right way we can generate great social proof and the customer’s communities will see them buying for our store.

So how do we setup a Thank You Remarketing Campaign?

You want to be doing this where recent customers can easily comment, so good platforms are Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Create 3 – 5 day remarketing lists based on visitors that have bought.

Setup adverts that thank the customer for their order and invite people to comment on the advert thread – i.e. “Let us know about your experience on our website”

Of course, you can control the comments, but you should get lots of social proof building on the advert which should help remove any buyer’s remorse and aid them to buy more in the future.

We find that this advert sometimes has return on spend of over x20


Why would people who have just bought, buy again?

Well often this is one of the best times to sell more as customers are in the honeymoon phase and open to adding another item.

So, Thank You

Watch our case study video to see how techniques like this have helped the accounts we manage

Thank You

Mark (Thank You) Hammersley

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