She travels the world and runs her shop from her laptop

A friend of mine runs an ecommerce store selling back pain products.

She does very well and although not rich, she runs it as a lifestyle business

She travels the world and runs her shop from her laptop

But to get to this point she had to quit her full-time job

And focus on the business full time.

When she made the leap, she expected the business sales to increase.

But they didn’t

She tried tweaking a lot of things messing with everything

Nothing worked.

This went on for a couple of years and I got occasional update over lunches

She worked very hard

Then one lunch she mentioned that she had increased her sales.

I was very interested to hear what it was, after all this had been baffling her for such a long time.

She said I just started sending more emails.

It was that simple.

Her business it turns out sells mostly from email, these emails drive new business.
She just did more of that.

It’s like a magic trick, once its explained it seemed obvious but it was not obvious at the time.
Perhaps she thought that more emails would annoy customers, or that it wouldn’t help.
Her assumptions were wrong…

I don’t want the message of this to be ‘send more email’ but instead find what’s working in your business and do more of that.

Why is this important?

Because product market fit is rare. It’s hard to find a marketing channel that’s profitable.

Your business is like a gold mine and you probably have one or two profitable seems of gold.

Stop digging new holes and focus on those seems.

Forget about the rest, just find what’s working and streamline. Get rid of the rest – lose the baggage – become your best-selling products – be that for the market and get seen more on this product set.

You have stumbled on success, great! Now go and really hammer that with much more frequency.

So, how can you get started? – Watch my case study video here

Thanks again!

Mark (Gold Miner) Hammersley

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