How do you turn visitors into customers? 


How do you turn visitors into customers?

Your ecommerce store you will be doing this every day and those customers that do buy believe something about your offering that moves them over the ‘action threshold’.

But what about the 95% of visitors that don’t buy?

The difference between a new visitor and a customer is the conversion path.

So how do you change the belief of a new visitor and deliver the change to make them buy?

First step is understanding that gap.

Survey your customers and understand what they believe about your products, just after buying.

Survey your visitors that don’t buy, i.e. the ones that almost do but don’t.

Then look at the differences. You might find that customers believe in the story behind the brand and something resonated with them.

Or you might find that customers understand that you are going to get the product to them on time.

For the non-customer visitors perhaps, you find that they can’t find what they are looking for.

Also ask the customers who just bought “what almost stopped them from buying today?”.

Armed with this information you can make more prominent the points that stand out on your key landing pages.

E.g. you might find that buyers are influenced by the beauty of the product the most and so you could increase the size of your product images and make sure that product thumbnails are present all the way through the checkout process.

Use belief mapping to alter the perception of the non-buying traffic to move them up the ‘action threshold ladder’

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Thanks again!

Mark (Action) Hammersley

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